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I start to love this color. First, I love all color except grey, but, recently, I don’t know why, I fall in love with this color
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I start to love this color. First, I love all color except grey, but, recently, I don’t know why, I fall in love with this color

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Apr 17, 2014

My frenemies

I miss her but she didn’t appear at anywhere, even on any social media, where people can be found easily nowadays. You left your Facebook in dust, your twitter with only one tweet since the@ first you made it.

I wanna meet you, tease each other but also motivate and give inspiration for each other. How’re you buddies?

What are you doing now? I’m really curious. Are you struggling and hard working in silence? Again, just like old time, I’m envy you. I hope you’re envy to me too for my capabilities in using any gadgets. Hihi.

You’re damn girl. I found your picture on the Facebook wall of the guy who I ever liked but he choose you over me that you sing on the kind of jazz festival but not as famous as Java jazz or JGTC. It’s so you, you deserve it, bitchy girl who choose jazz over any music. I guess you start to make a career on that field, it’s relieved me.

But, this morning, I find your picture on your old sister instagram. Huooh I guess, she really made her life on her way, red wine, guys, cafe, bistro, cleavage shown every time, and the most important is the professional accountant and her hobbies, freelance make up artist. Do you think so? And she’s still lovable but more more bitchy than you, haha. But that’s why we love her, right. Oke let’s back to you.

I found your picture on her instagram (old post) that you’re 21 and you’re entrepreneur. Oh maaan what do you do actually? Are you trying to change the world? We all agree that entrepreneurs change the world even the politician said politic change the world. I’m more curious about your power now, instead of your existence.

In the another photos, I spotted you in the stage of fashion event with your sister as make up artist. And there was still the photographer and journalist around the stage, it’s looked like the event didn’t finish yet. I’ve ever been on the stage of fashion event to, IFW 13 exactly, but it was when the fashion show was finished, then I and my college friends took the photos in stage, ouch finally I walked on the runaway, yay. However there’s no media’s people who take the photos of us, there were just other famous people and stranger who take their photos after watching the fashion show. So, what do you do on that event? Are you run the fashion business? Oh I’m not sure, but it can be true too.

I see all those photos, but no mention on your username or your comment on those photos. Are you really ignoring social media and live to the fullest on the real life? Ooh if yes, I’m envy you even more and I wanna hug you hard. Or, are you just ignoring it coz you’re still not good at using it, don’t know what to do with fb, twitter, even with the other new socmeds? Huh. I guess I will just pick the second option to make me feel better and not giving much envious about you. May I ? Hihi.

Seriously my frenemies, I wanna meet you, I miss you. Don’t you wanna meet me, checking if the virus that you gave to me still exist or not?

I still remember that you asked me to put the tiny or the big belt on my outer, that for year layers I know it as the fashion statement.

I still remember that you asked me to give something different on my veil styles, that nowadays we know it as hijabers style.

Recently, I realize, are you the fashion fortune or what?

Despite your tease about my appearance you also praised me about my love and addiction about bracelets and bangles, that I couldn’t even leave it from my daily wear. Then, you give me the bracelet, although it was the only rope bracelet, I still love it, coz it was the famous distro bracelet. You said that you bought it when you were shopping at Bloop, then you remember me that I love bracelet then you ended up to buy me one, the orange one, my favorite color that time. You also buy one for you, the yellow one, so we have the couple bracelet. It’s so touching, it was my first time having the couple bracelet with girl friends. I don’t even have it yet with my groupies that time. I guess it was the first time I supposed you as my frenemies. Sorry, not as best friend or what, since you’re still annoyed me just like enemies sometime. Ouh I forget, emm, look like some people loving you in front of you but hating and talking bad behind your back. You know it honey, that’s your bitch power and you love it. So I do ;) and the other beautiful bitchy do. Do you still have that power M? Ouh I wanna see. Not friend too, since we were not on ‘calling each other via phone or sms to curhat’ kind of relationship. We also didn’t send sweet messages to each other on our birthday. Even when you invite me on your sweet seventeen party. Do you know? That was a honored for me that you invited me to your special party, when not any people was invited. Thank you bitch. But still, frenemies is the best word to describe our relationship. I don’t know yet, how long it will be. When it will end. Let’s meet. I have a lot stories to share to you. Although some are creepy, just like;
I don’t go to the salon that you recommend to me, not because I didn’t like it, but I just wanna try the other salon for my body treatment

. Yeah you right, it was cheap, but you know, sometime, the prizes we paid equal to the qualities. So you know what I mean. I still depend my facial treatment at Dewi, but coz of the financial issues, I give a break on it. No, not because my father go bankrupt or what (naudzubillah), or my younger brother spent my dad’s money a lot. You know, the new grow JP teenager right, she starts to shy to have things from her parents money. She start to thing make her life with her own money, or at least, for her shopping, beauty treatment, hanging out, or simply her favorite snacks. However, recently, I want to start have it again. Yeahs, I already did some jobs, one kind of job actually, tutoring, chemistry private teacher. I have some students. The fees is enough for my monthly expense, alhamdulillaah, but still not enough yet to get 3 or more pieces of branded wardrobe. Will you be envy on me if I told you this? Hihi. Btw, have you started to think about marriage? I guess the answer is not. Hihi. I know you as the independent girl, man heartbreaker, but cat to the one who make you interested. Hihi. If you ask me about it, you should already know the answer. Yes. You’re right, yes is the answer. I’m 21st this year, my old sister have her marriage at 22nd, before her S1 graduation (yeah you know that I’m younger between some of you, I take elementary school earlier), so I can graduate from my uni at my 21st *aamiin*. If we see it as the moment of my old sister wedding, I should have married this year. My mom married to my father when she wrote her skripsi too. So it should be around this time. My father ever gave me a code about it. My mom even tell me that there were my mom colleagues that asking about me, about her son with me, kind of marrying someone to someone. Uuh, I was not interesting about it that time so I just listen to it without giving seriousness about it. And my mom got it that I don’t want to talk about it. However, I admit it, recently, I think about it, my mom and sister wedding as the reason. But, I have a lot of questions about it, that’s why I don’t wanna do it yet in the meantime. I know I can’t ask those questions to you, but talk about it with you will be fun. That’s what women need sometime, have fun and not so hard on finding the answer. Aaah let’s meet. Woaaah, I don’t realize that this post become this long. I never make a post about other people this long. Don’t you know that it means I miss you so much bitch. OK, when we meet, I will ask you to read this post first. I’m sure that you will never find this if I don’t tell you. I even sure that you didn’t know tumblr as the blogging platform, haha, sorry dear. Beside to express about my curious on what are you doing all of this time, after our high school graduation, after our last meeting on my campus event about broadcasting for exactly„, my deep feeling about missing you„, I make this post for you to read. So, you shouldn’t complain if I hug you harder than you do, if I hit and pinch you when we meet. Oh yeah, I will also do it because you make me addicted with gogirl! magazine when we were high school. You know, I can’t stop it ‘till now ! It’s still be my must have item each month. Btw, you must be already watch sixth season of gossip girl, we even didn’t talk about it yet. Huuah, I’m happy coz our naughty man, Chuck Bass finally marrying your role model, Blair 💏💓. But, it’s not good that our true bitchy angel queen, Serena, marrying the still outcast Upper East Side, Brooklyn boy, Dan Humphrey. HuuuuwH. I can’t guess you say yay or nay about it. However it’s nice that finally our sexy Nate Archibald work at New York Spectators and the most good thing was he didn’t make his last dating relation with new queen but still boring Jenny Humphrey 😘. And Georgina, Vanessa, I don’t want to talk about them. And, our cutie pay gay Eric, he still gay and lovable ‘till the end, haha. Ooh God, I’m still typing on this page effortlessly, whereas I must think hard to make a writing this long. OK. Enough. I have other things to do. I’ll do many things. I will make our talk is not only about you when we meet, coz I also have a lot of things to do and enjoy. Haha. Looks like I even still want to be lost from you even when you’re not around. Haha. Oh, one again, this might be good news for you coz this was my weakness (according to me, and I guess you will think so). I’m just like any other girl out there nowadays, I’m the fan girl of Korean star, drama, music, movie, culture, all about south Korea. Haha. Good news right :p. So, let’s meet. See you M. I miss you. Your highschool physic goddess, chemistry goddess, your cute innocent and lovely girl, the not bitchy one around your life, I. Wish the best for you wherever you’re and whatever you do. God bless us. Jangan lupa shalat, haha *still*, this is the important line whoever and however we’re. Xoxo With love. (I tick this post using my mom smartphone)
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Apr 16, 2014

This is how they feed me in the night 😔. Bersyukur2, hhemh

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locle by low classic s/s 2014
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locle by low classic s/s 2014

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Apr 16, 2014


Tadi ga hujan ternyata, jadi renang :D. Tapi airnya lebih dingin, hehemh. Gitu2 ttp betah aja 3 jam di kolam renang, haha. Semua gara2 dacil. Gue ga akan sakit lagi kan? :(.

Abis itu jajan pula diluar, bubur ayam sih. Tp ttp aja itu kan jajanan.

Bismillaah moga gpp.

Agenda ntar sore ngajar. Asiik. Semangat :).

Kerjaan yg masih numpuk:
Koreksian laporan. Jawaban uap anor. Data penelitian. Bab 4, 5. Fighting!

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[Photo] 15/04/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ Skinfood

Credit : ©Dcinside lee jong suk gallery

HD size : 999x1500, 854x1280, 1400x933

Please deh oppa. Stop doing that. It makes me nervous, haha.

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Apr 16, 2014

Hujan ya?

Ga bisa renang dong nanti.

Btw, lagi full moon kah? Bulannya terang banget keliatan dari kamar mandi gue, walaupun ketutup awan mendung.

Semalem tidur cepet tanpa minum obat, sekarang kepala keliyengan.

Sembuh please. Mau ke bromo nih gue. Ewh.




✖more here✖ | Latest fashion trends on street and runway

b&w ■ fashion ■ street style
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✖more here | Latest fashion trends on street and runway

b&w ■ fashion ■ street style

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